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How to distinguish natural latex and synthetic latex?

Blog   23 Mar,2018

How to distinguish natural latex and synthetic latex?

It's needless to say how hot the anti mite, anti-bacterial and high rebound latex pillow is, but there are many pits in it. For example, common latex on the market: natural latex, synthetic latex, artificial latex. Some manufacturers will use synthetic latex instead of pretending to be natural latex to produce pillows. The price is too high to say. It may also contain harmful additives. Therefore, before buying, you must do your homework and learn the skill of distinguishing natural latex from synthetic latex.
Look at the surface
The natural latex is yellowish and Matt, and has small fold lines, or burrs, small holes, etc. If the surface is glossy like a film, extremely white and flawless, it is likely to add a lot of synthetic glue.
By hand
Natural latex pillow, feels moist, similar to skin, very comfortable and natural, but not as smooth as mirror. Synthetic latex is easy to desquamate or greasy when touched back and forth by hand.
Press and pull
When the natural latex pillow is pressed by hand, the resistance is small, and it can rebound instantly, accompanied by wrinkles similar to leather; if it feels hard or rebound slowly, it means that the natural purity is not enough. The pillow with high content of natural latex has good toughness. It is not easy to break when it is gently lifted. Synthetic latex has no such good toughness! Of course, if you keep pulling pillows, you should also pay attention to it. It is likely that SBR binder is added, which is harmful to human body.
Natural latex, will have a natural light rubber flavor, not sweet, not pungent. If it smells strong milk flavor, it may be to cover up the pungent smell of synthetic glue and add a lot of essence.
In a word, the latex market is very deep, and it is always good to master some skills. However, the most important thing is to hope that you can buy reliable brands through regular channels, so as to avoid being weak and stupid!


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