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How important is the utility of gloves in life

Blog   10 Nov,2017

How important is the utility of gloves in life

When it comes to working gloves, people's Liberation Army troops at all levels and all kinds of troops also use labor protection gloves. It is the kind of gloves made of white thread, which will be issued by the army during large-scale construction tasks, and also by tank repair professionals, mainly for hand protection. It can be seen that from the velvet gloves in the 1990s to the black multi-functional gloves, the PLA's individual equipment has undergone 20 years of development. Disposable gloves are very commonly used in our daily life, whether we eat or clean things, especially when we eat some fried chicken, duck neck and other food.

Plastic film (PE) gloves are generally used in non professional occasions, with the advantage of low price, but due to the lack of elasticity, durability and suitability of plastic disposable gloves are relatively poor; polymer disposable plastic gloves are the fastest-growing products in the protection glove industry. When we go out to play, we need to carry the small tools of toiletries. We can always put them into disposable finger cots to carry them conveniently, and they are clean and sanitary.

NBR is a kind of synthetic rubber, mainly composed of acrylonitrile and butadiene; PVC gloves are made of PVC; latex gloves are made of natural latex (NR). In the laboratory, especially in the chemical laboratory, many reagents are corrosive, which will cause irritation and harm to the skin. Therefore, the gloves of laboratory personnel must have certain corrosion resistance to ensure personal safety. Therefore, it is not recommended to use PVC or PE gloves in the chemical laboratory. Latex gloves have excellent elasticity and tensile strength and excellent wearing comfort, but their chemical resistance is slightly lower than that of nitrile gloves. Nitrile has higher permanent setting than latex, that is to say, once stretched, it will not completely return to its original state. Therefore, nitrile gloves tend to wear more loose than latex gloves, which Some may affect the tactile sensation of the experimenter.


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