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Anhui Tianyuan Latex Technology Co.,Ltd.is located in BengBu city Anhui province,which is made of proficients in natural latex gloves, synthetic latex gloves,condoms, toy balloons, and other technology, mechanical equipment and production management of senior engineers, a private company limited by shares. Our production line derive domestic latex products assembly line technology and equipment of experience and in the study of Malaysia, Japan and South Korea's advanced technology and equipment based on technology, developed into a process layout is clear and reasonable, simple and practical production line, products one-time pass rate is high, conform to the requirements of GB and CE. Our latex production line has been export Argentina, Turkey, Iran, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Algeria, and many other countries, Production line and it’s productions quality are well received by customers.

We will be based on the credibility、 quality first and customer satisfaction first principle, Provide high quality service for the new and old customers !


Address:   NO.5110 Huaishang Road, Huaishang District, Bengbu City, Anhui Province, China.
Email:  anhuitianyuan@yeah.net


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