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Perfect service system to attract domestic and foreign customers

Corporate News   01 Dec,2019

Perfect service system to attract domestic and foreign customers

Anhui Tianyuan Latex Technology Co.,LTD. with years of core technology get a place in the international market, our company in product quality, technology innovation, continue to strengthen after-sales service three aspects, continuously improving customer satisfaction for the products of our company, received a large number of customers trust and affirmation, and gain a batch of back to the customer.Uzbekistan "Nur Muxammad Islom Obod LLC" company, "Optima Sobirjon LLC" group, Huangshan Shuangxi Shoe Cover Factory, etc.

On May 20, 2019, Mr. Zhou and others from Huangshan Shuangxi Shoe Set Factory came to visit our company."We are here to sign a contract," he said.On May 24, 2019, after several days of detailed discussions, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement in the general office of Tianyuan Latex Lee.According to the current update of production equipment in the latex industry, Anhui Tianyuan designs and installs an advanced production line for Huangshan Shuangxi Shoe Cover Factory.

Before that, Anhui Tianyuan cooperated with Huangshan Shuangxi Shoe Cover Factory once in 2016. Anhui Tianyuan designed and constructed latex shoe cover production line for Huangshan Shuangxi Shoe Cover Factory Manager Zhou was very satisfied with the previous cooperation, and the production capacity and quality of the products exceeded the expected requirements.For the new production line that Huangshan Shuangxi Shoe Cover Factory wants to build this time, although other companies have provided schemes and low quotations, Manager Zhou finally chose to cooperate with our company again.Mr. Zhou said he pays attention to product quality and after-sales service experience when choosing partners.Over the years, Anhui Tianyuan latex after-sales service is very in place, as long as the customer needs, our company will send people to solve the equipment and product production technology encountered all kinds of problems.

Choose to cooperate with our company, will let the customer feel very at ease, worry, peace of mind and comfort.


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